About Us

GVLMM – a non-profit organization, which will be your connection to innovative
Marathi world and culture in USA. 

मराठी पाऊल पडते पुढे


Our Mission Statement

Greenville Maharashtra Mandal is a Non-Profit , cultural and community development Organization serving Greenville Upstate area. Also known as GVLMM , Greenville Maharashtra Mandal is a social group formed to preserve the culture of those born in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and speakers of its language, Marathi , along with a task of encouraging cultural inclusiveness from other community members interested in learning about Marathi tradition and its language. GVLMM strives to celebrate and share spirited lively Marathi cultural heritage. 

We organize various cultural events throughout the year and encourage participation from young children to senior community members. Our Organization provides a platform for members to showcase their talents and encourages local artists to participate in many dazzling events. Provide a forum to maintain and share the Marathi culture and heritage. Educate Marathi younger generation about their origin. Interact with other communities with a view to promote unity. Foster friendship with other Non-Profit organizations\charity organizations to share cultural activities and provide a helping hand in charity drives. Contribute to humanitarian causes. Contribute to the social and cultural life in Upstate Greenville and nearby areas. Promote and preserve the cultural and linguistic heritage. Cultivate and promote Marathi culture by organizing various cultural events and social activities. 

GVLMM Board of Directors and Committee
Introducing the members

GVLMM Committee strives to work hard in planning and coordinating GVLMM organizations activities, , in accordance with goals and satisfaction of our mandal members.
Its a pleasure to introduce following GVLMM Committee members who have dedicated their valuable time and efforts ensuring the organization is well run and to deliver the outcomes for which GVLMM Non-Profit Organization has been set-up.