Greenville and other community information

ग्रीनव्हील बद्दल आणि इतर माहिती

About Greenville

Greenville is located in the Piedmont region of South Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Greenville County is the centerpiece of a region considered to be the “economic engine of South Carolina” and the most populous county in the state. Since it’s beginning as a small farming community in 1786, Greenville County has grown into a large and diverse metropolitan area and one of the southeast region’s premiere areas for business. Over the past thirty years, Greenville has transformed itself from the textile capital of the world to a destination for both international and national corporate office, manufacturing and warehousing / distribution operations. Greenville is now home to world-class companies such as Lockheed, General Electric, Michelin and many, many more.